Monday, September 24, 2007

Why I Love Twilight

There's something wonderful about twilight. It's not day nor night, just in-between. The ancients called it the "time between the times". Although both the early morning and early evening may look eerily alike, they have a different feel to them. The early morning is still and dreamy as if it is trying to make up its mind whether to get out of bed or not. Early evening on the other hand is an unwinding after a long day. There's that moment, right between the times, that a hush seems to fall on the world around me. It's as if time stops for a heartbeat, then slowly starts up again. I've experienced it countless times, and I always leave with a sense of wonder, exhilaration, and melancholy. I believe that time will stop when we come face to face with our Creator. So I believe when I experience twilight, I experience a tiny taste of heaven. It's wonderful, but also faint and fleeting. I want more, but will have to wait. I know God is everywhere, but time always seems to get in our way of connecting with Him. During a brief moment in twilight, however, time disappears and I can peer at the heart of the One who loves me most.