Monday, November 26, 2007

Hitting the End Call Button

Cell Phones. What would we do without them? They hold huge lists of contacts, notes, appointments, photos, music, you name it. But with all the advancements in phone technology, they can’t bring you physically closer to anybody. I mean, you can talk, IM, email, send pics and video, but all you have to do is hit the END button and you sever the connection.
I believe sometimes we do the same thing with God. A quick prayer, a quiet “amen”, and we think God is off the hook.
But, He isn’t. He's still there, as present as ever. What would we do if we lived with this realization? How would this affect our “amen’s”?

How often do I try to hit that little red "end call" button with God?

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Everything is Spiritual" at The River

Wow, what a great night with friends,both old and new. We had a spectacular fireworks show (please remember that if you pour match-lite charcoal over live coals they will spontaneously combust AS THEY ARE COMING OUT OF THE BAG). Not exactly safe, but then again, when should church be safe? So often we relegate experiencing God to a particular time or place (Sunday moring at a church owned building for example). Isn't God bigger than that? We watched Rob Bell's "Everything is Spiritual" after eating a mix of food ranging from Viking burgers to shrimp kabobs. After the thought provoking presentation, we hung out an enjoyed Puerto Rican Rum Cheesecake. "This tastes like love!" one friend exclaimed. The evening certainly looked like love. Seems that God isn't limited to "showing up" whenever enough people fill a building. God's already here as you read these words. The question is, are our eyes open to that reality?